2 Days Before My Weight Loss Surgery In Delhi

2 Days before My Weight Loss Surgery in Delhi


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I had a detailed discussion with my bariatric surgeon; i made sure that I ask all questions that had accumulated in the back of my mind; I asked the surgeon about how the surgery will be done, what are the success rates, how long it ll take me to get back to my normal life routine and the possibilities of side-effects (if any). I must tell you that my surgeon was a genuine, kind hearted guy; he carefully listened to all my questions and answered them all, one by one, and assured me that there was nothing to worry about; everything would be fine. There were still two days left for the surgery; i had been instructed on a number of things such as, what should I eat and what should I avoid; I made sure that i follow all the guidelines so that I could get the most out of this weight loss surgery in Delhi, India.

I was too happy with the cost of treatment; it was way lesser than what would I have to pay in my country. I also found the entire staff friendly and professional; I never have to worry about the fact that I m in a different country, far from my native place. Though, my mom was with me, I missed my buddies and would call them often. I was so desperate to meet them, hug them; there were so many things that I wanted to tell them; I had become a different person since I had come to India for this weight loss surgery in Delhi.


Yes, there were times when I would get scared; surgery, after all, doesn t invoke feelings of romance within you; my doctor, Dr. Atul Peters, helped a lot during those times. Back home after a successful weight loss surgery in Delhi, I can tell this with 100 per cent surety that a good doctor can take half of your worries. Dr. Atul is indeed a wonderful human being. There were several tests that I had to go for; I also had to make some changes in my diet and medication.

If you too are considering a weight loss surgery in Delhi, India, I would love to help you; the country has got a good number of hospitals and doctors. As far as bariatric surgery cost in India is concerned, it s much lesser if you compare it with the costs that you ll have to pay in a hospital in your country.

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