About Liposuction: The Proven Spot Reducer

About Liposuction: The Proven Spot Reducer


Anna Woodward

When liposuction first came to the scene in a big way, there was a lot of misunderstanding by the general public. In fact, many people still misunderstand the surgery to this day. Liposuction is not intended to be a replacement for diet and exercise. It is not a way for a patient to get skinny in a hurry. It cannot really be compared to procedures such as gastric bypass surgery which are intended to help those who are morbidly obese. In truth, the procedure is not really designed to help people who are overweight. It is designed to be a measure of last resort to get rid of those pockets of fat that will not disappear no matter how strict a person s diet and exercise plan is.

Turn on the TV at any time of day and you ll likely find the latest video, equipment, or pill that is supposedly going to help you get rid of that flabby stomach or trim down those thick thighs. The truth is, however, there is no form of exercise and certainly no diet plan that can target just one part of the body. No matter how many times it is repeated, many people simply cannot get that fact through their heads. They still think that crunches will help get rid of a pudgy midsection or that doing leg presses at the gym will help them trim up their thighs. This is just not how the body works.


To lose weight, a person must create a calorie deficit. That means they must take in fewer calories than is required to keep them at their current weight. This can be done by cutting back on the number of calories eaten, by increasing the number of calories they burn each day, or a combination of both approaches. Individual, anaerobic exercises such as crunches will not do a thing to eliminate fat.

Of course, liposuction is a different story. With this procedure, people actually can pinpoint an area of their body with which they are uncomfortable and have the fat removed. Not an enormous amount of fat for instance, a guy can t walk in weighing three hundred pounds and have all the excess fat sucked out of his abdomen. The average procedure takes out less than 12 pounds of fat. But 12 pounds of fat and even less can make a big difference when it comes from a person of average weight who simply has a problem area. Though liposuction is the only proven method of spot reduction of fat, it certainly works well.

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New Orleans, liposuction

won’t take off 20 years of fried foods, but it can remove a smaller amount of fat in certain patients. Ideal candidates should have a relatively healthy body weight, but also have in mind an ideal body shape. For more information on this procedure, please visit:


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