Employer Group Health Insurance What’s Going On?

  • Posted on November 15, 2013 at 4:48 am

Employer Group Health Insurance – What’s Going On?


Tom Carolan

Among all the groups possible, small business is one of the hardest hit in the current economic situation and the most vulnerable when it comes to finding affordable medical insurance coverage for their employees. Despite the many things we hear every day about the economy and health care reform, many small businesses do want to provide their people with coverage.

When a small business is looking for affordable group health plans there are a few things they know to look for in their prospects:

* Low Premiums – The less they have to pay for it the better.

* Affordable Medical Coverage Options – The more options the better.

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* Flexibility – Giving the employees choices between different types of affordable coverage plans to fit their particular needs and budget.

* Consistency – Fees that don’t increase at any time.

One of the biggest complaints from most small businesses is the fear their rates will go up at any time and without any real warning. As the costs for medical treatments continue to rise, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find affordable health insurance coverage. Changing plans from one year to the next, is not an option for many small business owners.

In a recent survey nearly 75% of small business owners said they are more than willing to contribute the monthly healthcare costs for their employees. Some employers even stated they would be willing to raise their employee’s payroll by 4 to 7 percent to help with the rising costs of health care coverage.

The Government’s Role

Many small business owners, 75% of them, do support the government taking a bigger role in the reform of the health care system. Citing specific needs for more oversight and regulation of the medical industry as well as the health insurance industry to ensure access to quality and affordable health coverage for everyone.

There is also a call going out for a quality public alternative to private health care coverage. Because small business is so very vital to the survival of the economy, their cries and calls for change are being heard more now then ever before. Small business owners want affordable health care coverage, they are willing to contribute to make it happen and they want it now.

Small Business – The Lifeblood of the Nation

Small business plays a paramount role in the life of the nation’s economy by providing jobs and creating income. A number of factors are combining now to make the survival of these businesses harder and harder each and every day. The sad truth is, that without help or additional options; the future is bleak for small business owners.

Caught between a rock and a hard place is a good way to sum of the current plight of small businesses. Between the recession and rising health care costs, the small business owner is being squeezed out of existence. This is why it is so important to ensure the availability of affordable group health care plans for all small business owners.

Small businesses deserve affordable health coverage for the hard working employees they employ and themselves because everyone has a right to quality health care.

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