How To Prevent Pump Leaking With Mechanical Seal

Any pumping system would need a mechanical seal to prevent leakage. As the name suggests, a seal forms a barrier between the motor and the spiral curve protecting the motor against any leakage.

Any leakage to mechanical instruments and pumps is death. Fluid leakage leads to corrosion and its parts. If corrosion is left unattended for a long time, it will degrade the material of the pump. The casings, sleeves, and bearings need to be checked periodically to avoid any short circuits due to leakage.

Mechanical seals manufacturers in Indiareveal why leakage happens and how you can prevent such leakage for the pump’s better life. Naturally, these problems will impede the functioning of the pump and stop running efficiently. Companies manufacturing the pump seals spent a lot of workforces and lost operational time to fix the leakage. So, thePump Seal manufacturer in India, design the seals so that it prevents the leakage. A seal shaft failure is one of the major causes of downtime.

Sewage pumps are susceptible to such dangers of leakage as they operate around water, which leads to corrosion. A wide variety of seals are available for any applications that involve water or other fluids. The most commonly used seal is the end face mechanical seal for sewage pumps. The end face seals have two-faces, a ring-like flat against each other in the seal chamber located between the volute and the motor. A spring presses the faces close to each other to release the wet end of the pump.

A rotating motor is inserted through the ring faces and attached with the impeller. As the motor shaft rotates, the upper seal moves close to the engine and rotates with the shaft. The bottom seal that is closer to the volute remains still. All the components of the mechanical seal work together to prevent leakage and are equally important. The primary seal faces are made with durable materials to work better and act as an anti-corrosive to alkaline liquids. At the same time, the secondary seal surfaces surround the primary seals to create an additional barrier.

Now that you know the importance of a mechanical seal, remember to maintain it well and check for its long-lasting life. You can also reach us for any information regarding mechanical seals and other pumps such ashydro testing pumpsandhydraulic pressure test pumps. We have the best manufacturers in India who can help you with these pumps.