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Modern Design, Built to Last


Clyde Lee DennisAll product ranges from Shangri La Furniture Inc. ensure the gorgeous, classy and exquisite items, which are not only elegant and beautiful, but also long-lasting. The modern design sofa set is made up of a durable hardwood frame which has the assurance to build to last. Made up of ‘A’ quality genuine leather materials with extensive range of customization, the modern design sofa from Shangri La Furniture Inc. promises the most stylish durable appeal with personalized aesthetics. These modern design sofas will promise you to light up the elegant visuals of your house and to make your neighbor envious for a real long time.


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Shangri La Furniture Inc. offers a real wide range of unique modern design sofa. These are made up of wooden frame. The selected wood quality is higher compared to the woods used by local vendors. The moisturizer level in the wood used by Shangri La Furniture Inc never increases more than 15%, where the level of moisture for other local vendors even exceeds 25% or more. This low level of moisture also assures the durability of the wooden frame used for structuring the sofa.


Next important thing contributing to the durability most is the inclusion of multiple layers of foam-sponge. Shangri La never compromises on it. You can be rest assured that your sofa, be it custom made or default offered, must be made up of multiple layers, which make the sofa not only long-lasting but comfy too.


The discussion will be incomplete if we do not consider the leather part. The quality of the leather is 100% genuine. The brand assures top rated full grain leather which is most costly and comes from highest quality skin.


The fabrics used in the modern design sofa are stylish, graceful and long-lasting. It comes in a wide range of options to choose from, almost more than 1000.


We all know that technology contributes significantly in the production of any product. By keeping this aspect in mind very cautiously, Shangri La Furniture Inc manufactures their sofa range with imported equipments. These equipments are imported from Europe and Japan.


The geometry and pattern of each modern design sofa assures 3-fold benefits style, elegance and durability. That means, you will not only happy to enhance the beauty of your living room, but also be sure of its consistent life for years long. The design, the curve, the mold all will make you ascertain about the fact that this lovely designed sofa is made to keep your smile to last forever.


If we do not mention the role of workers in producing such a promising long lasting product, this does not sound very fair. This is true that following the principle of Shangri La furniture Inc the workers enjoy several benefits, but on the other hand, this is also true that Shangri La furniture Inc involves a bunch of expert professionals into this manufacturing business. This assures a continuous stream of success each moment.

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