Rhinoplasty Things To Know

The first thing anybody notices when meeting you is your face. As much as we like to think we dont, we rely heavily on first impressions particularly when they are bad. Unfortunately part of the impression we make is our attractiveness. Many people are displeased or unhappy with the appearance of their nose and changing its profile or shape is often a successful technique for completely changing their looks. The most common procedure for this is called rhinoplasty and it can do wonders for patients who choose to have it done. There are a few things to be aware of first.Rhinoplasty cannot create a look that is completely unnatural to your body. There is no way to give you a completely different nose. Instead the surgeon can go in and reshape and change the existing structure into something more appealing and suitable to your desires. Most people who are displeased after their operation feel that way because they had unrealistic expectations. Amazing and different things can be done and a large part of why this operation looks so good and natural is because it is still your nose. On the other hand we all have seen celebrities and other famous people who have tried to artificially replace what they naturally have and the results have been ghastly. That is why it is important to discuss with the doctor what he or she plans to do and to get a general idea of what it will look like afterward.As with any surgery rhinoplasty has risks involved. Because they will be cutting open your skin there is always the risk of infection with this procedure. There are always preventative measures taken like wound care and antibiotics but the risk is not completely gone. Also, as with any wound there is a chance of scarring or discoloration at the incision site. If there has been work done up in the bridge of the nose there is also the chance of some asymmetry that can reduce the attractiveness. Also be aware that there can be some loss of sensation and even perhaps loss of the sense of smell. All of these side effects are rare but they are not unheard of. There is always going to be a bit of a recovery period during which the bruising and swelling may be fairly unsightly. It is important to not be discouraged or disappointed if this is the case with your rhinoplasty. There are a lot of small veins and other blood vessels around the area and they make it particularly prone to bruising. Instead of being embarrassed or trying to hide the healing, make a plan to take a few days off of work and recuperate. Perhaps consider a vacation. That way you will return looking rested and have a whole new look.