Take Care Of Your Garden And It Will Grow

By David Fishman

Gardening can be cheap and fun as well and if done regularly, does not really need to take up a lot of time. It is a great advantage for the homemaker to have a green thumb. When winter is severe and there is no greenery around, it is good to turn towards the home or office to find a patch of greenery for some relief. As a hobby, indoor gardening is found to be greatly relaxing and stress busting. One of the most fun and rewarding aspects of gardening is starting plants from seeds. Gardens can be created today with no or little money, so of the best gardens have been created with no money at all.

Depending on the climate and plant there are many different types of soil that can be used, water that is needed and light or shade that is required, all of these factors need to be considered. Make sure the location in your garden can provide the proper environment for the plant to flourish. Select a garden location that gets plenty of sunlight a healthy garden need six hours of direct sunlight everyday. One of the first things to consider when choosing a plant for your garden is to determine if it is suitable for your area.

Looks can be deceptive, so to see if your soil is dry enough to water, try the finger test. The plant should be watered thoroughly when the top half of the soil is dry. When planting new plants you need to water them for weekly until the plants become acclimated to its new environment. If leaves show signs of wilting, but the soil is moist, you can mist the foliage lightly. How often you water will depend on the conditions in your home more humidity means less watering. Water should seep from the drain holes in the pot and the plant should feel “heavier” after watering. Roots around the edge of the pot are a sure sign of being pot bound.


Many people use silk plants because they don’t want to be bothered with real plants, they don’t want to take care of them and they don’t have to worry about them dying. One of the benefits of silk plants is that you don’t have to replace or maintain the plants. It is very easy to take care of silk plants, clean them with a wet rag and make sure they are looking good so they maintain the illusion that the plants are life like. For a plant to grow successfully it must be planted in the right growing conditions. For example, shade-loving plants aren’t going to be flourishing if planted in an area where they’re going to get full sunshine. They should also do well with bright, indirect light.

One of the major benefits of compost is that compost provides natural nutrients for the plants to feed on. Utilizing compost is an inexpensive way to better the soil. When the compost is ready you can use it for new gardens or already established gardens.

Every element that makes up a plant, as well as everything in our bodies, and everything in the soil in which we grow is chemical. Indoor plants are also a way to start new growths and give them a better chance of survival.

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