Will Bee Pollen Capsules Make Me Lose Weight?

By Cynthia Wang

Bee pollen’s potency and benefits in a human body has long been proven. Since the ancient times, its nutritional value has been established and is still being enjoyed by the present, modern times. Its uses range from medicinal treatments to dietary supplements and even in the cosmetics industry by aiding in slowing down the aging process. The biggest breakthrough though is bee pollens potential benefit in losing excess weight. But how exactly does bee pollen shed off excess fat?

Bee pollen contains numerous amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other essential substances. In controlling weight, bee pollen is known to increase the body’s metabolism rate. Because of this, the body is able to use the excess calories faster. Moreover, natural bee pollen contains lecithin which is significantly important in dissolving and flushing out fat cells from the body. There are also substances it contain which lessens the person’s craving for food. This makes one control food intake which is a good thing if that person wants to lose weight the natural way.

What properties make bee pollen an effective substance to lose weight?

First information to take note is that bee pollen contain very low amount of calories. In an ounce alone you will get an only 90 kilo calorie which is significantly low compared to other supplements available. 15 per cent of that is mainly lecithin which is as mentioned earlier, a key factor in dissolving excess fats.


Aside from lecithin, bee pollen also contains phenylalanine, an amino acid which is known as an appetite suppressant causing you to avoid unnecessary food cravings.

Bee pollen is not a weight loss pill

But bee pollen is not at all a miracle weight loss pill. It can assist you with increasing your body’s metabolism, dissolving excess fat deposits, and in suppressing your appetite but these are not enough for you to lose weight. Of course there is still a need to keep a healthy lifestyle which will greatly help in achieving your desired weight.

When we say a healthy lifestyle, this typically includes doing regular exercises, eating a balanced diet, and the right attitude of becoming healthy.

Avoiding lifestyle vices like smoking and alcohol drinking will also help as moderation or total eradication of such activities will improve metabolism and will keep the body healthier. Cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking damages your body as well as affects your metabolism due to the harmful substances contained in cigarette and alcohol.

Knowing all these things should keep you from thinking that bee pollen will automatically and single- handedly make you lose your excess pounds. However, taking your daily dose of an effective bee pollen supplement along with regular exercise and balance diet, you’ll be able to lose weight and become healthy in half a time. The best part is that aside from this weight loss benefit, bee pollen has a lot more other good benefits to your body. These include but are not limited to: increase in immune system, increase in energy levels, helps clear gastrointestinal tract, treatment for certain skin problems, and many more.

About the Author: If you wish to lose weight faster, then why not try taking an

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Bee pollen capsule

is considered safe because it is all natural. However, do make sure that the supplement you’ll be taking is approved by your country’s bureau food and drugs to make sure that it is the real thing.



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