Yoga Is Not Only Fitness Exercises Training}

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Its a way of life….

In this article author has given a full cup of knowledge about YOGA, for the readers. This article is really as an inspiration for the yoga beginners. The deep discussion about the all elements of yoga is described by the author.

According to the author, main parts of yoga are,

Asana (poses)


Meditation (dhyan)

Niyama (Recommended lifestyle by yoga)

Further, every aspect is described finely. What is asana? And what are their benefits? And in the same way about pranayama, meditation and niyama is described.

According to author,

Asana is benefiter for moments of the body. Also helpful in preventing diseases, curing some diseases, weight loss & other benefits are mentioned.

Pranayama teaches us the breathing technique. According to yoga deep breaths gives long life.

Meditation helps in stress reduction and increases the peace of mind. And this is the demand of Morden era.

Here, author includes only basic niyama from the yoga. Niyama are the basic teaching about the day to day work we do, like eating, drinking, running, walking, etc.

Author says, yoga is not only fitness exercise training but also a complete way of life.

All over the world, today yoga is becoming more than just a need of fitness. Yoga is considered as a complete lifestyle not only fitness exercise training. The mat of yoga is being spread over the world day by day and the reason behind the great acceptance of yoga is the benefits of yoga.

Here, if we discuss about the yoga benefits, we have to understand yoga as fitness exercise training first.

Yoga means combining body, soul & mind with nature. In yoga all kind of solutions are mentioned for the salvation of mankind.

For healthy body, yoga gives asana (body poses)

For internal body, yoga has prescribed pranayama

For peace of mind, yoga suggest dhyana (meditation)

For maintaining overall health, yoga has given way of lifestyle.

Asana (body posses):

Numbers of asana are mentioned in yoga. These asana or yoga poses are performed to be physically fit.

Benefits of asana:

Improves immune system of body: It helps us to fight with the small and big day to day diseases.

Helps to maintain ideal weight: asana like, trikonasan, suryanamaskar, tadasana, etc. help us to maintain ideal weight.

Increase energy level: daily practice of yoga stimulates energy level of individual.


Pranayama increases life in human body.

Pranayama help us to reduce heart rates: heart can pump more oxygen in less numbers of breaths.

We can train ourselves to breath slowly and more deeply.

By practicing pranayama, one can improve the immune system of the body, toxins can be removed, helps in good digestion, overall fit body.


Meditation or Hinayana is the need of every human been in present time. Stress, anxiety, tensions are really common problems of todays man. And giant format of these are hypertension, irritation, irritability, etc. to fight with all these we need meditation.

Benefits of meditation:

With meditation one can easily wind up dull and waste thoughts and start up with new energetic ideas.

Meditation gives power to tolerate.

Reduces stress.

Gives peace to mind & soul.

Yoga as a lifestyle:

Yoga has given many niyama (rules) about life.

Eating habits: chew every bite of food, chewing helps meal to be digest fast.

Drinking habits: drink lots of water, use open-mouth cup & sip little.

Walk and sit straight, etc.

Yoga is an ancient teaching; still it is being loved among the new generation people. Yoga is like a gift box, there is something for each age and gender. Unbowed the gift and get the health and wellness…. So, we can say yoga is not only about mat or fitness exercise training; its way of life….

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Fit raho, Hit raho (be fit, stay hit)

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