College Party Theme Ideas Putting A Creative Spin On Your College Party

College Party Theme Ideas- Putting a Creative Spin on Your College Party


Jon Bingham

One of the best elements of college is being thrown into a fun social environment with a lot of new people from all over the country, and often from all over the world. It’s important you focus on your education but it’s also important you enjoy the social rewards of your four years in school, which often means attending and throwing parties. If you’re tired of throwing the same normal party every single weekend you should consider throwing one of the following fun, creative party ideas.


1. Toga. This one has been a classic for decades now. The idea behind a toga party is simple- everyone wears makeshift togas instead of normal clothes. These togas are generally made from bed sheets or other large pieces of clothe haphazardly wrapped around your body. Some people take it further and bring garlands, goblets and other items to play off the theme. 2. Graffiti. This is another fun party though it’s a little more modern. With this party everyone shows up wearing a white t-shirt, though you can have everyone wear white pants as well, and then you provide a lot of sharpie markers (in both black and multi-colored). Through the whole party all of your guests draw on each other’s clothes and mark each other up with ‘graffiti’ so by the end of the night everyone is completely covered in writing and drawing. 3. Beach. This is a great party to throw in the middle of the colder seasons, especially when there’s snow on the ground. Have all of your guests show up in beach wear, mostly swimsuits and the like, and decorate your place with beach themes. Always make sure you have the heat turned way up, but besides that you can take this theme as far as you want. You can throw up a few inflatable palm trees to keep it simple or you can go so far as bringing in a lot of sand and kiddie pools filled with water. This can result in a big clean up but overall it’s worth whatever effort you put into it. 4. Decades party. Throw a party themed around whatever decade you want. Some popular themes are 80’s and 90’s parties but don’t limit yourself. With the popularity of shows like Mad Men you can definitely throw a 60’s dress-up party and every year throwing a 90’s party becomes more and more viable and popular. Get the music right, the refreshments right and the clothes right and you’ll be on your way to throwing a great retro party.

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College Party Theme Ideas- Putting a Creative Spin on Your College Party