How Massage Therapy Helps In Back Ache And Discomfort?}

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Back ache is something that bothers every one of us at some point of time or other. This happens because your back has several hard-working ligaments and muscles thats prone to pain and stress throughout your lifespan. As per the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, back pain and discomfort is the most common neurological problem in the US. And, reports show that 8 of every 10 people are plagued by back pain at one time or the other.

Understanding the Benefits of Back Massage Therapy

According to the Journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians, it was reported that people suffering from this condition got relief with soft tissue massage and manipulation. Again, as per the International Journal of Neuroscience, if you compare massage therapy with muscle relaxation, the group that received therapy showed less pain, less anxiety and depression than people who opted for muscle relaxation.

Alleviates Muscle Spasms

A professional therapist rubbing and pressing the aching portions of your back will alleviate muscle spasms. These muscle spasms occur when your thoracic joints or rib loses mobility. Specialized treatment by a professional improves mobility and makes your aching joints perform better. It helps to improve the mobility of your tailbone or sacroiliac joint by the gentle kneading of the gluteal muscles and also lessen tension in your tissues.

As far as back massage is concerned, it provides considerable relief to chronic or incidental pain.

Makes You Feel Relaxed


Besides giving you relief from pain, proper reflexology has other benefits as well. These include:

? Overall health improvement.

? Makes patients feel increasingly relaxed.

? Helps you get sound sleep.

? Lessen stress.

? Increases the level of endorphins that are natural mood boosters.

? Improved circulation.

? Relaxed muscles.

? More flexibility leading to improved range of motions.

Kinds of Massage that You Benefit You

Depending on the nature of your pain and situation, your therapist would recommend one of the following methods or a combination of these according to your health needs. These include:

Swedish or Relaxation Massage: This is the most common form of treatment opted by Americans. Your therapist would apply light, gentle or medium pressure.

Hot Stone: In this method, a specialist uses water-heated, smooth stones to increase provide muscle relaxation and improved circulation.

Deep Tissue: Deeper pressure is applied across the grain of a patients muscles.

Each of the therapies discussed above has their specific benefits. You can choose any of the treatment styles and repeat the same with every visit. You can even combine different techniques to help you alleviate pain and discomfort.

As far as improving endorphin levels are concerned, it is regarded as one of the key advantages of massage therapy. Endorphins are those chemicals that a human body produces making one feel better and is very effectual in assuaging or controlling chronic back pain.

So, whether you or your loved one is suffering from chronic pain as a result of partial mobility of the vertebral, rib joints and pelvic, nerve compression owing to muscle spasm, structural dysfunction, or disease, massage therapy helps in lessening acute back pain.

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