Tummy Tuck: The 411 On Staples And Sutures}

Submitted by: Rena Graham

A tummy tuck or what is also known as an abdominoplasty is one of the most popular shaping cosmetic procedures. Although it may have some controversial issues, this did not discourage clients to go right ahead with it. So if you are one of those interested to get a trimmed and tighter form, it is also helpful to know about what you are getting yourself into. One particular concern that clients have known which one is better in giving you a scar less and easier healing process staples or sutures?

Of course you have to be closed up after a tummy tuck surgery, and for this a surgeon will either use a staple or sutures. Questions have been raised as to which one would be better especially when reducing the incidence of scarring. For this, both have their own advantages and downside in their relation to the healing process.

Sutures were the conventional way to close a wound layer by layer, from the muscles, fascia, to the skin. They can either be absorbable or non-absorbable, with their use depending on the body part which has to be closed. For internal organs, absorbable sutures are used allowing them to eventually absorb overtime as the organs close. For external use, such as skin closure which is also done in a tummy tuck, a non-absorbable suture is often used. This would have to be taken off after a couple of weeks once the skin has fully closed together in order to prevent infection. An advantage about sutures is that they provide a finer closure, making the scars less visible.


The disadvantage with sutures is that it takes too much time to finish, especially with a tummy tuck incision which runs from hip to hip. There is also a chance that it might not turn out aesthetically pleasing especially if done by an inexperienced surgeon. Another problem with a poorly done suture line is the quality of wound closure. If it is not properly closed, this will only introduce infection, adding more serious complications.

Surgical staples on the other hand are a relatively new method than sutures, and these are introduced because it allows faster closure. It is also considered to be more consistent and accurate and it results to an improved patency of closed wounds. Surgical staples come in either stainless steel or plastic material, and they are put in place using a special stapler.

They are easier to use when closing a tummy tuck wound because closure will be done by simply applying the staples. It no longer needs the certain skill from the surgeon and it also hastens the time of surgery. A study supports that staples also reduce the incidence of infection because the element of human error is significantly reduced. Staples can also be removed much earlier compared to sutures.

Some patients complain about the outcome of surgical staples in that they can result to spitting. This is happens when the staples are placed too close to the skin, eroding the surface which then forms abscesses. However this can be treated with iodine and antibiotics.

These are just general information regarding surgical staples and sutures. For in depth information on which you think would be best for your tummy tuck procedure, it is better to discuss this with your surgeon during a consult.

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