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Common Wallpaper Misconceptions That You Need To Get Rid Of Today

  • Posted on October 15, 2018 at 2:47 am

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byAlma Abell

If you are considering wallcoverings Hawaii, wallpaper should definitely be on your list. There are many unfair misconceptions about wallpaper that make homeowners look over this great home decorating option. There are a few misconceptions that when cleared up, can help you make the final decision on whether or not to install wallpaper in your home.

Wallpaper is difficult to clean

Depending on your vendor, wallpaper can be durable and cleanable, and hold up well against children or high traffic conditions. Most wallpaper today has a lifespan of up to 15 years and can be lightly cleaned using a damp cloth or sponge and simple detergent. This means that the wallpaper can be installed in bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms where clean walls are a concern.

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Once you install it, you are stuck with it

High-quality wall paper uses paste the wall technology which allows it to be peeled off in a single strip without leaving a mess. This new technology requires a paste to be applied directly to the wall before hanging the wallpaper and allowing it to dry. Traditional wallpapers require more work including soaking it in water and hanging while wet. This type of wallpaper is also specially designed to be removable in full sheets making updating a quick and easy task. It is however important to speak to the dealer to ensure the wallpaper you are getting meets these specifications.

Wallpapers are not stylish

It is unfortunate that many people still associate wallpaper with their grandmother’s homes. This is definitely not the case today as a living room wallcovering are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, prints and textures. This allows more freedom to experiment, develop and show off a personal and unique style in interior decorating. From textural vinyl, mica, flock, glass beads and grasscloth, it is difficult to achieve the same personalized, interactive and intriguing appeal with wall paint.

Wallpaper is expensive

Wallpaper comes in a variety of price points so redesigning a home does not have to be expensive. There are great options to consider that fit all budgets. In addition to this, wallpaper typically lasts longer than wall paint, translating into long-term savings. Wallcovering in general offer the best value for money and return on investment for budget conscious homeowners.

Getting your wallcoverings for the right dealer

Once these misconceptions have been cleared up, it is easy to see why wallpapers and wallcovering in general have seen a great surge in popularity especially in the recent years. The only way to guarantee these advantages and more is to buy your wallcovering from reputable dealers such as Architectural Surfaces, Inc. Such dealers are committed to offering high-quality products that help homeowners achieve their interior design dreams.