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Top 5 Solar Power Solutions Explained}

  • Posted on July 14, 2017 at 1:10 am

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Top 5 Solar Power Solutions Explained



Solar power is gradually gaining popularity day by day because it helps save the environment and decreases our reliance on non-renewable energy sources. Here are the top 5 ways solar power can be harnessed to improve our lives.1. Disaster recoverySolar power is the perfect solution for disaster recovery. When a disaster such as a storm, hurricane or earthquake occurs, this can impact power generators and disrupt electricity mains. In such situations, solar power can ensure we receive power even when a disaster occurs. Whether it is mobile solar generators or huge solar towers, what is undeniable is that solar power can provide a resilient and stable solution to disaster recovery. 2. TelecommunicationsSolar power greatly benefits the telecommunication field. Solar power is a more economical way to generate the energy that is necessary for telecommunications. Furthermore, the reliability of solar power is something that the telecommunications industry prioritizes. In more remote areas such as the Arctic, telecommunication lines are erected in areas without inhabitation or infrastructure. Hence, the reliability of these systems are crucial, and they must be able to operate despite poor weather conditions. Solar power can ensure that the telecommunications system is maintained during the period of time where repairmen are traveling to fix the problem.3. Water PumpingSolar water pumps are a great way to provide water in areas with low inhabitance. Solar pumps use less power than conventional pumps and face less voltage restrictions. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, with proper optimization, solar pumps can be used even when the weather is not very ideal. Solar pumps can also defray a lot of costs for remote areas, as they will not have to divert electricity all the way from a power grid which is located far away.4. CampingWhen youre in the middle of a forest with no power outlet in sight, solar panels will be your greatest lifesaver. Developers recognized this and innovated lots of solar powered camping gadgets for the lovers nature. Gadgets which run on solar power solution include backpacks, lamps, flashlights, showers, water purifiers, camera chargers, coolers, speakers, refrigerators, heaters and camper starting kits. For a more luxurious camping experience, there are even solar-powered juicers, microwaves, sewing machines, washing machines and even DVD players. Solar energy has certainly changed the camping game.5. RVNowadays, there are even solar powered RVs available for you to enjoy using all your gadgets on the road. Solar power solution is a brilliant investment for RV users. You will no longer have to be restricted to searching for places with RV electrical hook-ups with solar power, you can venture further into nature.Furthermore, there will be a lot of cost defrayment given that you will no longer have to use generators heavily. Another benefit is that a vehicle breakdown will no longer perturb you, as you will still have electricity in the RV. In addition, if you live or are planning to travel in a sunny area, you basically get electricity every time you hit the road during the day! These days, solar power can even run air-conditioning in an RV.

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When youre in the middle of a forest with no power outlet in sight,Solar Panels will be your greatest lifesaver. Developers recognized this and innovated lots ofEnergy Efficient Solutions camping gadgets for the lovers nature.

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