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Acquiring Further Insight About Your Choices Through A Commercial Heating Technician

  • Posted on August 5, 2018 at 1:24 am

byAlma Abell

Colder climates force commercial property owners to review heating options more thoroughly. The primary concerns for businesses are to heat the building effectively and maintain lower energy costs to keep the system efficiently. As these owners evaluate the units that are available to them, they discover what models could accommodate these requirements without reducing their profits considerably.

Is Forced Air Right For You?As you contemplate what heating system is right for your building, you must evaluate the amount of space in which you need to heat. With forced air, you have the opportunity to choose between three sources to produce heated air. Among them are natural gas, electricity, and steam coils. If the building doesn’t possess high ceilings, you won’t face major difficulties in maintaining a comfortable temperature.

However, tall buildings with high ceilings may require the systems to work overtime. The reason for this is that heated air forced through the ducts gravitates upward. The location of the air ducts determines the direction in which the air flows. With excessively high ceilings, the heated air may not reach far enough downward to keep each room heated properly. You should discuss this probability with a Commercial Heating Technician before you make a final decision.

Radiators and Heat ProductionThe benefit of using radiators is that you can utilize them to heat each room. The systems heat water within a boiler located within the building. Piping that flows throughout the building push this air the radiators. The difference between these systems and forced air is that they don’t need air ducts. This decreases the amount of heated air that is lost through ventilation. It could also allow for more efficient heating for large buildings.

Commercial property owners need to evaluate all heating options before they make a final selection. The reason for this is that they have several options that could accommodate their heating requirements more efficiently than the most obvious choice. A Commercial Heating Technician could provide these owners with further insight into what options are available to them. When you’re ready to acquire more information about commercial heating choices, contact Poudre Valley Air.