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Insurance Lead Generation Using Google Adwords

  • Posted on February 14, 2019 at 2:25 am

By Bob I. Richards

Google’s arrangement for promoting your enterprise on its site and its partner sites is called Adwords. The service allows you to make your own ads, select keywords to target your ads to your prospects. You set the cost of your advertising by offering the rate you pay only when web surfers click on your advertisement This is named a pay per click program. Any one desiring to advertise a business in tandem with Google can enroll in this program.

Google Adwords is simple: you make ads that Google shows alongside regular search results. Your ads appear when someone looks for key phrases you’ve told Google that you want to be associated with. For example, if you have a business that to sells life insurance, you might want your ad to appear alongside Google results when people search for “life insurance” or associated phrases.

Unlike traditional advertising, you don’t pay Google when it exposes your ad; you pay only when a web surfer clicks your ad. If a web surfer searches Google for life insurance, Google shows your ad near articles and news about life insurance. If somebody looks for Google for your important words, you know they’re probably looking for your services. AdWords can therefore be a great alternative when you want to direct your ads to a narrow audience, such as individuals searching for life insurance. Adwords is a form of direct marketing, much like direct mail or telemarketing, allowing your message to be presented individually to each potential prospect.

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Adwords may also be a sound option when you have just limited financial resources for targeting your market. Even though Adwords may be a cost-effective marketing program, know that there are LOTS of others selecting hot important phrases like “life insurance.” Because Adwords doesn’t bill a set price per ad, you bid on the key phrases that you want to display your ads and those bids are bidding against others (e.g. other insurance professionals). If you bid higher than others who bid on the same selected word, your ad likely show near the top of the paid links. For example, if you set a maximum bid of 45 cents for the phrase “life insurance”, and the next highest bid is 33 cents, Google gives your ad seniority over the the paid links it shows when somebody looks for “life insurance”. But with a in demand key phrase like “life insurance”, it’s likely the top bid is fifteen dollars per click and your bid of 45 cents will make it so that your ad is never seen.

To decide who gets top billing among the paid ads, Google looks at the bid and considers the number of people who click on each ad, giving top placement to the more popular ads. You cannot, therefore, purchase the top spot outright but your bid is the most important element in determining how much exposure your ad gets.

The trick when you get accustomed at using Adwords is uncovering key words where you have low bid competition but you get noticeable traffic. Once you hit on the hot spot of important phrases for your business, you have a solid way for getting leads.

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About the Author: Bob Richards is an active blogger and consultant to financial professionals who desire rapid business growth. He has several blogs including

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