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Handmade Necklace Why You Should Buy Handmade Jewelry Online}

  • Posted on December 6, 2018 at 2:24 am

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Handmade necklace -Why You Should Buy Handmade Jewelry Online


Jiim Leroy

Jewelry can be an important piece of who we are. It shows off our unique personalities or highlights our favorite outfits. Buying jewelry online opens up a range of new opportunities and handmade necklaces increase that originality factor by an innumerable amount. With many consumers turning to online shopping for their everyday need (even groceries), jewelry shopping is no different. The rule used to be only to buy jewelry that you can see and try on in person, but it seems that that rule is no longer the case.

If youre used to shopping in department stores or even quality jewelry stores you have probably noticed the similarities in the pieces youve seen. Every necklace is similar from store to store without many differences. Popular jewelry stores want to market to as many customers as possible so this means making necklaces that are too out there so the majority of the population will like them. However, with that dull process youll notice that a friend has the same exact necklace as you. Then another and another. They are the same everywhere you go!

Contrary to the traditional jewelry shopping methods, buying online gives a plethora of unique options to explore. Because online shops dont have to store a large volume of stock on hand, they can offer several more designs and styles without having to try to appeal to everyone. They actually naturally appeal to shoppers because their products are more creative and specific to you own style. Websites like Creative Arty Crafts sells dozens of handmade necklaces each with their own personal twist. Youre much more likely to find something there than at your local jeweler.

Its most likely not only more appealing and unique, but its also bound to be much cheaper when shopping online. That same silver necklace that everyone has is likely to hold an expensive price tag. However, a handmade piece online is usually just a fraction of the price. The website I mentioned earlier offers the majority of their necklaces in the $20 range or sometimes even less, but how is that possible? Well to start, online shops have nowhere near the amount of expenses that a typical store would have. Electricity, employee wages, building leases and more all contribute to the hefty price tag youll find in the store.

Yet, just because the jewelry costs less doesnt mean that you are settling for a lower quality piece. In fact, it is just the opposite. Handcrafted jewelry equals superior quality to the kind that is mass-produced in factories. Although machines are unlikely to make mistakes, the products they produce arent carefully inspected for defects. The most common defect on a machine-made necklace is related to the clasp. Its not uncommon for a clasp to fail on a store-bought necklace. Buying handmade gives you a much better life expectancy for your jewelry. Each piece is carefully reviewed and checked for accuracy and quality. Best of all, if it breaks it can usually be easily fixed because it was made by hand in the first place.


Jiim Leroy is an experienced photo painter, specialised in turning the most extravagant photos into hand made paintings for any special occasion. She also loves to writing about gifts and art while giving people unique ideas on what meaningful gifts to choose for the loved ones.

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