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Three Fun Vanity Makeup Ideas

  • Posted on December 2, 2018 at 2:33 am

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By Alyssa Davis

A vanity makeup table is a very popular item of furniture to include in your bedroom. Vanities are stylish and beautiful, and they also make a wonderful place for you to relax while you apply your makeup, fix your hairstyle, and so on. You can certainly purchase a readymade vanity makeup table, but making your own unique version of the vanity table is sometimes a better option. You can easily put together a fun makeup vanity that is not only eye-catching, but that is budget-friendly, too.

Shabby Chic – popular decorating trend

One of the most popular decorating trends is known as shabby chic. This style of decorating calls on the use of simply-styled or antique furniture to add flair to a space. The finish of shabby chic furnishings is distressed on purpose to add to the appeal of the style, and these pieces are more often than not painted in a light pastel color palette, many times with floral accents. Shabby chic is particularly feminine, making it a wonderful choice for a vanity table.

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Flea markets, tag sales, yard sales, and garage sales are ideal places to begin searching for furniture that can be transformed into a shabby chic makeup vanity. Do not overly concern yourself with color when selecting a piece to use for a vanity, especially if you are planning to paint the item before using it. Select a table with spindly legs and a drawer if you can find one like this. If the item you find was actually a vanity table in its former life, it may also have an included mirror. Either way, you can invariably fashion a mirror for the vanity using any related-style decorative mirror. Nearly any table that will give you room to sit comfortably in front of it will suffice.

Elegant – get the look of the Red Carpet

If you wish to get the elegant look of the Red Carpet with a Hollywood-styled vanity, you can look for a more decorative item and then paint it to go well with the overall look of your room. Subtle curves and an art deco feel are great for creating the Hollywood look. A small stool can be covered with coordinating fabric to add an additional authentic look. For dramatic effect, light sconces or candles sconces – or even bar lights with round bulbs, can be installed on either side of the makeup vanity’s mirror.

Teens and Tween’s Vanity – funky and fun

A young girl or teenager in the family will definitely love the idea of having a funky and fun makeup vanity in their own bedroom. Look for a vanity that is good condition and paint it using the teen or tween’s favorite funky, bright color. You might also stencil fun designs or patterns on the table top. Choose contrasting or matching fabric on the chair cushion, or go with a fun fake fur fabric or zebra or cheetah print. Some fun and coordinating containers to hold makeup brushes and makeup complete the look.

About the Author: Senior staff writer for, Alyssa Davis, offers design advice on decorating with tuscan italian metal wall art and western metal wall art.


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Gedi Ruins Kenya’s Great Mystifying Treasure

  • Posted on June 20, 2017 at 1:44 am

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The Gedi Ruins are the remains of a Swahili town located in Gedi , a village near the coastal towns of Malindi and Mombassa in Kenya. The Gedi ruins were declared a National park in 1948, and they are one of the top tourist’s attractions in Kenya especially for those enjoying Kenya beach vacations near Mombassa and Malindi. It is a place of great mystery, an archaeological puzzle that continuous to engender debate among historians.

Historic site on the Mombassa-Malindi road, Gedi is a fascinating place to visit, more so because the ruins are up to today shrouded in mystery; the actual reason for its foundation; as well as its destruction are not known. Surrounded by modern-day villages, built of wood , mud and stone with all the hustle and bustle of the local inhabitants , Gedi is an oasis of peace; overgrown with all kinds of trees, plants and flowers. There are friendly and well informed local guides available at a small fee but you can also discover the city by yourself.

Gedi was a small town built entirely from rocks and stones which was inhabited by a few thousand Swahili people and ruled by a very rich sultan. It is understood that that Gedi was particularly prosperous , excavations of the Gedi ruins uncovered porcelain from China, an Indian lamp, Venetian beads, Spanish scissors, and other interesting vestiges that shows that some of Gedi’s past citizens were engaged in quite a bit of international trade.

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Gedi had a mosque, a palace, and large stone houses. These houses were complex for their time, with bathrooms with drains and overhead basins to flush toilets. The city’s streets were laid out at right angles and had drainage gutters.

The greatest mystery of Gedi is it sudden desertion in the 17th century. The entire town was suddenly abandoned by all of its residents, leaving it to ruination in the forest. There are no signs of battle, plague, disturbance or any cause of this sudden desertion. There is no official historical record of Gedi, which makes the place all the more intriguing.

Although many who visit Kenya will see the dramatic mega fauna found in the many natural parks, it will also be wise not to overlook some of the many historical and cultural sites, such as the Gedi ruins.

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