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Tactical Gear Essential Or Overpriced Unnecessary Equipment?

  • Posted on September 2, 2017 at 1:58 am

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Tactical gear – essential or overpriced unnecessary equipment?


Punjabi Sunil

You probably haven’t given any thought to what a law enforcement officer actually wears. What they do have on is crucial to their job. The tactical gear they either wear or carry not only provides protection for them it distinguishes them from the ordinary Joe on the street. Whilst any one can purchase some items, there are many specialist items that only registered law enforcement agencies or officials can purchase. Much of the tactical gear on sale is pricey, but when you consider the use for the equipment then it’s a necessary cost.

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Take for example something simple like a tactical vest, sounds simple enough. Many law enforcement agencies use tactical vests in riot situations. The tactical gear worn at any time is important but in a riot situation, its vital. Many of the tactical vests on sale come with lots of protective features, along with baton pouch, radio pouch and magazine pouch. This enables the officer to have at hand all the equipment he needs to control a crowd situation that is degenerating into a riot. Therefore, the simple tactical vest is essential in some situations.

Even the simplest of items have a role to play in protecting officers. Take a pair of socks; one would think that socks are just socks, but no. Socks can justifiably be called tactical gear. The socks worn with other tactical gear needs to keep feet warm and comfortable, so they need to work in extreme conditions. Often such socks are designed with cushioning underfoot with built in arch support. This gives anyone who wears them extreme comfort and also assists them with their boots being a better more comfortable fit.

Tactical gear is crucial for officers and soldiers alike. But other agencies may also need tactical gear to keep their employees safe and protected. The importance of tactical gear should never be overlooked. The items of tactical gear are many and varied and include not just clothing but other items such as flashlights, nightsticks and communication devices. The most common tactical gear, and the items we most think of is that which is worn about the body. Tactical equipment could be defined as equipment necessary to protect and defend personnel. The tactical gear helps those in tough situations to achieve mission critical goals.

Therefore, is tactical gear something that is unnecessary and overpriced? The definitive answer to that is no. The use of tactical gear is something that can save the lives of those that serve and protect us as citizens. The cost of such tactical gear is justified, as it is a huge diverse field that advances on in the materials used and the variations of different equipment. Developments in tactical equipment continue and it is an ever-growing necessity for our law enforcement officers out on the streets.

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