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Why Seabuckthorn Oil Could Be A Potent Skin Care Ingredient}

  • Posted on August 30, 2017 at 1:59 am

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Why Seabuckthorn Oil Could be a Potent Skin Care Ingredient


Cory Thiarello

Seabuckthorn Oil is a product of the Seabuckthorn, which belongs to a group of species in the genus Hippophae. The most popular among these species, Seabuckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides) has been traditionally identified as a key ingredient in several herbal medicines. Seabuckthorn possesses a rich content of vitamins and nutrients and therefore, is very effective for slowing down aging and medicinal skin care. It is also used in dietary supplements because of its nourishing and revitalizing qualities.

Seabuckthorn oil, probably the most heavily used Seabuckthorn product, is very effective in helping with the repairing of skin injuries including sores, wounds, burns, and eczema

Seabuckthorn oil is also very useful in providing relief from various mucous membranes conditions such as ulcers, lesions, and erosions. Skin cells require various nutrients for their metabolism to take place in an efficient manner. The high nutritional content in Seabuckthorn Oil makes it capable of supplying skin cells with the required nutrients and thus helps in fighting against premature aging skin symptoms including wrinkles and dryness. Another advantage is that oil residues on the skin is not a concern with Seabuckthorn Oil. This is because almost all constituents in this oil are essential for skin health and therefore, they get easily absorbed into the skin.

New studies also prove that Seabuckthorn Oil can play a key role in combating acne and rosacea. It relives the symptoms of acne by lowering the influence of immune system and endocrine (hormone) imbalances, and chronic inflammation. It is blessed with several powerful anti-inflammatory agents such as quercetin and salycins, and several groups of micronutrients such as Omegas 3,6, 7 and 9. These Seabuckthorn Oil ingredients combine to set the body’s hormonal and immune systems in the right order. Applying it topically can strengthen, thin, and soften the skin and reduce swelling, scarring, and inflammation. This allows the skin to get out of the inflammatory cycle and start healing.

Those struggling with rosacea symptoms can also experience relief with the help of Seabuckthorn Oil. As is the case of acne, topical application of this oil makes the skin smooth and stronger and lowers swelling and inflammation. Its functions as a mild analgesic and anti-microbial and improves the strength of blood vessel and cell walls. It also gives transdermal nourishment to the body. By taking Seabuckthorn Oil internally, moderation and regulation of the immune, inflammatory, and hormonal systems can be achieved. Taken in this way, it imparts strength to the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal system (that is involved in rosacea). It also retards the death rate of cells and enhances overall health.

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